With the release of the new PvP season, new rewards and achievements through PvP have been added, rewards that will undoubtedly better suit players to fight other players, heavy in Resilience and Stamina, as well as damage or spell damage. Their power and item levels comparable to Tier5, as well as boasting equal looks to those of their raiding counterparts.

Before, players would need to raid many times per week and spend hours upon hours farming honor in order to advance their characters in any significant form, resulting in either an "Honor Grind" or a "No Life Raider" playstyle.

Now, things are different and players are given a choice, play PvP hardcore, play PvP casually and earn one or two items, or play PvE to raids in order to progress one's character. Items from raid bosses are undoubtedly powerful, but they have downsides such as lack of resilience and PvP-oriented effects that their honor/arena point counterparts possess.

Which option will you go (or already are) going for? contribute in our forums and let us know the popular choice with these changes!

DarkFact's Opinion

It's been a long time since raids began in WoW, I've been a part of major guilds in the past, contending to kill Ragnaros first, contending for a server-first C'thun kill or lead in Naxxramas progression, watching my character grow in the meanwhile, coveting items and gathering imaginary DKP points to purchase them, week after week.

Now, Blizzard has realized the PvP crowd was suffering from lack of rewards for the most part and made comparable (or better) gear available to us who don't have the time to raid anymore. This is a plus for people with tight schedules who can't work out raids every week. The game always boiled down, to my past guilds, to going to fight others with our raid items. Now, people who PvP a lot more and get their gladiator and PvP trinkets / items are proving a hard match, if not a better challenge, to those who go fight in instances.

I for one love this new opportunity Blizzard revamped for non-raiders and will aim to change my character from PvE-specific to PvP.


PvP or Raid Equipment?

* PvP! I play this game to defeat others, and earning items this way is the icing on the cake
* PvE! I love fighting monsters from the Warcraft lore and improving my character via raid items my guild obtains
* PvP, yet I don't like grinding honor or fighting in arena much; I use my raid setup to fight others
* PvE, I use a combination of both PvP and PvE gear for now to get by the encounters but I mainly like PvE raids


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016