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Empire Warrior Priest

Official EA Mythic Information

"Where is your faith on this dark day? Chaos rides against you – will you let these beasts destroy your hearths and homes, or will you trust in Sigmar and fight? Forward men, and drive back this Chaos rabble! For the Empire! For Sigmar!"
- Damaslaus VanNemut, High Chaplain of Sigmar

A Warrior Priest of Sigmar is a fearsome master of battle and tireless defender of the faith. These holy warriors are the hammer of the church, serving in both defense of the Empire and the furtherance of the church’s goals. A deadly melee fighter, the Warrior Priest relies on the blessings of his god to protect him in combat. His zeal for battle further reinforces his Righteous Fury, spreading the strength that Righteous Fury provides to his companions and allies. With the might of the divine strengthening his arm and protecting the faithful, the Warrior Priest is a lethal combatant and potent supporting character all at the same time.

Warrior Priest Specialty

For the Warrior Priest, faith is life. Sigmar demands bravery in defense of the Empire, and he grants the greatest blessings to those who demonstrate this trait. A Warrior Priest’s Righteous Fury grows strong with every swing of his arm against the Empire’s foes. As his Righteous Fury grows, his powers expand as enemies are smitten more fiercely and allies are protected from greater harm. With sufficient Righteous Fury, the divine power invested in his righteous litanies and sermons is extended beyond his immediate circle of Righteous Fury to all those who can hear his words.

Playing as a Warrior Priest

As a Warrior Priest, your place is in battle. Your Righteous Fury grows as you strike down the enemy in Sigmar’s name, and your divine powers grow with Righteous Fury. Thus, to reach the peak of your power you must join in the fight. Your prayers bear the power of your god to take life, or give it back, but they are designed to compliment your melee capabilities. Your blessings bring powerful boons to those around you, but you must be close to the fight for your words to reach them. To do your job you must place yourself at risk, but it is in this risky position which you are most powerful.

Fighting the Warrior Priest

A Warrior Priest can be a deadly opponent, and a very difficult one to kill if you are not prepared to counter both his melee and divine capabilities. His faith is a strong shield, and so to defeat him you must break that Righteous Fury, either by denying him the ability to gain it, or by preventing him from using it. Denying his Righteous Fury means engaging him without letting him engage you – a sound strategy for a ranged attacker – but disrupting his divine abilities will be a better strategy for those who must close with him to fight. Without the powers of his Righteous Fury, the Warrior Priest will become far more vulnerable to your assault.

The Ten Ton Thought

If you like Sigmar and fine killing times; the Warrior Priest is for you.  Probably the closest Warhammer equivalent to the Paladin, the Warrior Priest is a holy fighter of the Empire god Sigmar.  With intolerance for any weak creature such as Skaven, Orcs, or the foul monsters of Chaos, the Warrior Priest beats them to a pulp with whatever weapon is at hand (usually something blunt).




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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016