It's pretty lame. Have you tried it? Definitely a relic of its time.

It's common knowledge that the user interface of the original EverQuest isn't so stellar by modern standards-- so what should they do about it? That's exactly the question that gets asked in this recent entry on the official EQ Blog.

I know that one of the biggest issues many of you have with EQ is not tied to hacking, cheating or even zone stability. It is that unforgiving UI that EQ has always had. I know that many of you have asked for a user defined or customizable UI, I understand your headaches.

The UI in EQ has evolved over years and years, with multiple hands touching it along the way. I would love to say that the original system was planned out and made for a very streamlined custom UI support tool, but as many of you already know, that simply isn’t the case.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016