What is this, expansion 50 or so?

Mobhunter sits down with Travis "Rashere" McGeathy to discuss the changes coming in EverQuest's next expansion, "The Secrets of Faydwer."

Is there any intent to change the rate at which characters earn experience or AA experience?

There are two areas concerning experience where we are looking at making changes.

First, we’re going to smooth out the bonus experience you get for killing a creature close to your level. Currently, when you kill a creature that is dark blue to you, you get double the creature’s base experience. If you kill a creature that is even one level below dark blue, you just get the base experience. We’re going to change it so that you continue to get double experience at dark blue, but the bonus will slowly fall away as the NPC gets further below dark blue instead of going away immediately. This will be happening in the near future.

Second, I’m looking at smoothing out the experience requirements from level 51 to 60 so it’s a more gradual transition from the easier experience levels prior to level 51.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016