It happens more than you think; someone manages to bust into your gaming account to steal personal info, poach your characters or guild, or pose as the account owner just to cause troubles. There are ways to avoid this and SOE gives some hints as to how you can protect your SOE account.

Would you hand a stranger your car keys and let them drive off in your car? You shouldn’t give them access to your account either. Gamers have heard the advice before, yet a lot of people still opt to share their account information with close friends. It may seem harmless to have a guild mate complete a quest for you or attend a raid when you can’t be there, but bad things can happen. While it doesn’t always end in catastrophe, maybe you’ll simply log back in with a new last name, or you could attempt to log in to find your account banned due to mischief caused by someone who was “helping” you.

Find other good tips on keeping your account clean and secure in this very helpful topic posted on EQ2 Players.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016