As many anticipated, EverQuest II will finally be merging most live servers starting November 16th, 2010. Senior Producer Dave "Smokejumper" Georgeson made this announcement on the official EQ2 forums:

Hi there, Norrathians,

We’ve been planning to merge the EQII Live servers for a long while now, and most of you have been asking for it to happen for just as long. As part of our ongoing effort to utilize community feedback and deliver the best gameplay experience possible, I am happy to announce that we will begin merging several servers this fall. Bigger population density on a server is just simply more fun for everyone involved, so it’s time to get it done.

Therefore, beginning on November 16th, we’re going to start merging servers together. It’s going to take a while (many weeks) to get all the merges completed, but we’ll start the process on that date. (We will move slowly so we can double-check and troubleshoot between each pair of merges instead of just doing them all at once.) We hope this will bring a more enjoyable experience for players across Norrath.

All told, 16 servers will be affected.

The Merges

* Nektulos merges into Guk

* Najena merges into Unrest

* Befallen merges into Oasis

* Blackburrow merges into Everfrost

* Mistmoore merges into Permafrost

* Kithicor merges into Butcherblock

* Runnyeye merges into Splitpaw (UK)

* Innovation merges into Valor (DE)

We’ll pre-announce each merger before it occurs and keep you updated on the status of the merges as they progress.

11 servers will remain unaffected because they are already populated enough or because of contractual obligations that prevent such merges at this time.

The Unaffected

* Antonia Bayle

* Nagafen

* Crushbone

* Lucan D’Lere

* Harla Dar (RU)

* The Nexus (RU)

* Barren Sky (RU)

* Sebilis (JP)

* Storms (FR)

* Vox (Live Gamer)

* The Bazaar (Live Gamer)

This is a move that many avid EQ2 players have been hoping for to cure sagging populations and limited guild activity on many of the servers. If your server is being affected, be sure to log in game if you hope to keep your character names as inactive characters will lose theirs if there is a name conflict on the newly merged server.

For more info on the server merge, visit this post on the forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016