EverQuest II introduces their latest attempt at giving top tier players something to froth over and many awaiting casual PvPers are left wondering, do Battlegrounds have what it takes to win them over? Battlegrounds launch later this week in a game update along side the Sentinel's Fate expansion, but Savanja made her way to the test server to get first hand experience in how Battlegrounds work and what they have to offer hopeful fans.

Teams are colored in red versus blue indicated by name text color, or gray if you’re dead, which I was…a lot. You are auto grouped with your team and communicate through the typical /g or /gsay chat command. This is not faction based warfare at all so if you aren’t queuing as a group, who you are grouped with in the battle will vary wildly but there is some balance as to what classes are grouped together. A force field will hold everyone back until the battle begins and then it’s a rush to find the first enemy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016