Blood of the Brood walkthrough

Blood of the Brood is one of the few very cool signature quests, brought to us via the Kingdom of Sky expansion. This is the quest that earns you that oh so coveted class hat! If you haven't gotten started on this one yet, you'll definitely want to as soon as possible.

You get the quest from the NPC Hoo'Loh, found on the chain connecting the Isle of Discord and Strifewind Isle. It's kind of a pain to reach. You climb up the chain starting on the Isle of Discord, and carefully make your way up. Once you reach the wall at the chain, you drop and Hoo'Loh (loc +23, +5, -440) will be there. You may fall the first couple of times, but eventually you get the hang of it, and can run up it like it's nothing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016