Please keep your pants on when playing games near me.

Coyote is known for his off-beat humor, so it is really no surprise that this week's feature includes winos, a Buffalo Bill wannabe, and strip Legends of Norrath. How and why is something that you'll have to find out when you give this hilarious Ten Ton Hammer Blooper Reel a read!

"Read'em and weep!" A burly Barbarian says as he slams down a card, causing the other men to groan in defeat.

Stripping off his pants, an Elven Ranger shakes his head and throws the item of clothing on the table.

"I tell ya guys, Legends of Norrath may be FUN, but whoever invented STRIP Legends of Norrath is a friggin GENIUS!" A laughing human male grins as he tosses his shirt into the pile of clothing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016