He's Definitely Not Funny...Ever.

Is there truly a shortcut to raiding in EQ2? Are raiders getting preference over casual gamers? What happens when you truly beat Askadian Adakus? Do Fae REALLY taste like chicken? All these answers (except for the Fae one) can be found in this week's interview with Askadian Adakus.

Smiling nonchalantly as he looks awkwardly at his watch, Askadian looks around as he waits for the Swashbuckler to move to the front of the group. After a long moment the crowd parts once again as the same black armor clad Ogre moves to the front of the group. However, now instead of a helm he wears a feathered Swashbuckler's hat.

The whole hilarious interview can be read here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016