EQ2 Team Adds Humor to the Day

With the new expansion quickly spanning the horizon, all eyes turn in wide wonder to the
promised new player race “The Fae”. But what sets this race apart from the others?
What are their goals, abilities, and more important, what is their destiny upon the
face of Norrath? With Coyotee Sharptongue falling ill, Emergency
Correspondent “Krunnk” has stepped up to the plate to interview this new race, and
set our minds at ease once and for all. Plus, we use the word “poop”.

"Krunnk fillin' in fer Coyotee 'cause him got the butt scoots." Krunnk explains, his brow furrowing with the seriousness of the situation. "Bosses need somebody to interview NEW FAIRY PEOPLE! So Krunnk say, HEY! Me LOVE Fairy people! Then me go please please please please PLEASE until they say " 'kay" an' here me is." He dances happily from side to side as he hefts the microphone.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016