Playing by the numbers...

Deathly afraid of math since his misery in College Algebra, RadarX braves ahead, and interviews Aditu the designer of the Advanced Combat Tracker parser. Aditu discusses what parsers do, how they are used, and attempts to convince Radar they really aren't networked into Skynet to create Terminators. He won't accomplish his task with Radar, but he will provide an insightful interview.

Radar-X: Interesting to see a raiders perspective....Many people aren't even familiar with what a parser is? Can you kind of define it for us?

Aditu: In essense, its a program designed to collect data about a battle and display it in an easy to view manner. Usually to calculate simple things like DamagePerSecond of each person or to notify the user of events that they may otherwise miss. In the case of log parsers, they collect all their data from a text file generated by the game. If one were to try... all data collected/analysed by parsers could be done by hand.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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