The Day the Dev Chat Destroyed the World!

As punishment for missing the most recent developer chat, Coyote and RadarX have been locked up forced to watch it replayed. What did the developers have to say, and what did Coyote and RadarX think? You won't want to miss this I promise.

Grimwell: Hello there, and welcome to todays EQII dev chat. I'm Craig
"Grimwell" Dalrymple, and I'll be hosting for the next hour. Before we start the question and answer phase, I'd like to stop and give the dev team a chance to introduce themselves.

RadarX: This is the part where they admit they are alcoholics right?

Coyote: Dalrymple might just be my new most favorite word EVER. If *my*
last name were Dalrymple I'd talk in third party surname all the time. "DALRYMPLE DEMANDS A LARGE FRY AND COKE!".

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016