Dodge the Rolling Pin of Doom and Listen In...

Known throughout Norrath for her trail mix, Niami Denmother is one of the most respected crafters in the EverQuest 2 world. While wielding the Rolling Pin of Doom, Niami takes time from her busy schedule to discuss current and upcoming tradeskills changes, and her thoughts on crafting in the MMO world. Did I mention the whole trail mix thing? Mmmmm.

RadarX: Alright, everyone knows you're an avid tradeskiller, but what would you say is your favourite adventure class to play?

Niami Denmother: I'm an alt-a-holic, so that's a tough one. I have differing alts for different moods and styles of play. Currently, I'm really loving my warlock for solo times and my mystic for grouping with hubby's ogre paladin. However, I also enjoy my monk, warden, ranger, SK and wizzie. Need I say more? In several cases, alts that were meant "just" for tradeskills grew on me, and I started playing them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016