Estate of Unrest Teaser

"The Estate of Unrest is coming soon! No really!" We've been hearing that for a while now, but a trip to the test server tells us that this time, it really is coming soon! Take a look at this Unrest teaser, get a glimpse at a couple of screenshots, and brush up on your Unrest lore!

"The story behind The Estate of Unrest is a bit gory. Apparently a dwarf named Garanel Rucksif went insane and killed a priest dedicated to Quellious, and his family who resided inside of the mansion. To punish Garanel for his crimes, Quellious cursed the dwarf and forced him to spend his eternity in pain and suffering. He did this, and in his anger at his unfortunate situation, he thought it wise to make everyone else who entered Unrest, suffer along with him."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016