No more lootin' worthless loots.

The EverQuest 2 team has released a sneak preview of some of the exciting changes coming in game update #43.

Have you ever harvested a "shiny" to only wish you hadn't? That irresistible, sparkling glow that lured you to harvest it ends up being a collectible added to the other 5 of the same item in your inventory; an item that is too low of level to sell for a respectable amount to a vendor and so common that no one's buying it from a broker. Upcoming with Game Update 43, you'll be able to choose to keep it or leave it! "Shiny" collectables will soon work much like treasure chests, giving you the option of taking the item with you or even setting that "shiny harvest" to lotto with others within your current group!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016