EverQuest II has the mother of all updates coming soon and players will be pleased with many of the changes that are happening around Norrath. Due out in May, this update goes far beyond being a patch and adds the biggest content we've seen since Sentinel's Fate including new zones, graphics update, travel revamp, and battlegrounds for all. The game update is currently on test so Ten Ton Hammer patched up and logged in to bring you a preview of GU 56's highlights.

One of the biggest highlights of this game update is the travel revamp. So what has been revamped? Travel within a zone is pretty much the same. You will continue to use horses, griffons, flying clouds or disks, etc to move within a zone, but the interface is different than what you may be used to as you will use a map to choose where you wish to travel to. The big change however, is how you move from one overland zone to another.

Catch the preview of game update 56 and let us know which features have caught your eye! Are you looking forward to easier travel or are you just dying to get your lowbies into battlegrounds? Click the "Post your comments" link below to share.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016