Here's to all the gamer girls...

This month as I'm sure we ALL know was Women's History Month. If you didn't know, there's probably a reason you're watching re-runs of Star Trek by yourself right now. Our resident awesome female gamer Savanja takes a moment to explain the importance of females in the MMO industry, and shares a little of her intelligent insight on gaming.

As Sheri notes in her book "Gender Inclusive Game Design", MMO’s picked up female comsumers attention. It definitely picked up mine! It would be my thought that the nature of MMO gaming makes is vastly more appealing to the female market. For one thing, it’s social, which plays on a woman’s need for interaction. For another, it allows us to slip into a fantasy world that is only limited by our own imagination. I believe that this is the reason that roleplaying servers tend to be more heavily populated by females. Woman want so much more than just slaughtering mobs and getting loot. Most of us want the whole experience, to feel completely immersed in our alternate world. Providing a rich backdrop, tantalizing lore, and a pleasing look, it all goes a long way in making a game more appealing to the female gender.

You can't ever have too much insight into the female mind, so stop procrastinating and read Women in Gaming: A Salute to the Gamer Girls at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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