FanFaire from the eyes of a dev.

FanFaire, for all those who attended, seemed to be an absolute gamers dream. Centered in the middle of Las Vegas, the entire event was described to me as "one big party". Craig "Grimwell" Darymple, the community manager for EQ2, has posted his thoughts on the event, along with some nifty pictures for those who didn't attend (like me).

Fan Faire is now over, and most of my comatose/recovery sleep is behind me, so it is time to stop and look back on the events of the weekend and file away the fond memories for next year. As this was my first Fan Faire, I went in blind, but very eager to meet everyone and have a good time in the events. I was not disappointed and had a blast meeting with everyone who made it out to Vegas to party with SOE.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016