A pot of bathing Halflings? I have -GOT- to check this out...

What do you get when you take a low level dungeon, re-tune it for level 80 characters, and add a pot of bathing Halflings? A very fun and very tounge-in-cheek redesigned Runnyeye.

This alternate version of Runnyeye (the original is still selectable before zoning in) is made for decently equipped level 80 groups. Like the recently released Shard of Hate raid zone, the fights get progressively harder, so some groups may choose to stay near the top, while only the very best will dare the depths, where the High Chief waits. Who is gathering and why? Perhaps the answer lies with the Halfling warrior crouching at the entrance, the lone active member of the Old Bog Mountain Unit. He talks of three former members who are off doing other things. It might be well worth tracking them down and ask what happened in Bog Mountain, in which Runnyeye is dug, to cause them to quit the Unit.

For more information on the new version of Runnyeye, check here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016