Lavastorm Walktrough

Lavastorm is a fiery dangerous place that no being should travel to unaided. So grab some friends, and this guide (complete with map!) and re-visit an old favorite, or wander through to get those pesky heritage quests done, as Savanja holds your hand through the entire zone!

Lavastorm, the fiery haven for the most vile of creatures, including vicious tribes of goblins and the formidable Nagafen! He lives in his dark molten prison, kept away from the Lady Vox in Permafrost for their unsanctioned love for each other.

Accessed by traveling from the Nektulos Forest docks via a dock bell, this is one of the most dangerous looking of zones, full of peril, the most notable of which is those darned lavapits and rivers that kill you instantly if you accidentally slip into one. No auto following here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016