EverQuest II players have been awaiting it for months and now it is finally here! Game update 56 named "Halas Reborn" finally goes live May 25th. Servers go down at 7am PDT and when they come back up, lots of great changes will be in effect and players will get to enjoy the addition of our newest starting zone of New Halas.

Highlights of this update include a new travel revamp aimed at making travel across Norrath far easier, Battlegrounds available for levels 30 and above, and EQ2's support of Shader 3.0 for a richer graphics experience. You can get the full (REALLY full) list of updates in the patch notes here and stop on by Ten Ton Hammer's own Halas Reborn preview to see what the latest patch has in store for you!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016