How Not to Make an MMO or Hobo Stew

Wondering what hobo stew has to do with MMO's? RadarX is also, but join him as he looks at what development trends are bad, and why he is never allowed to cook. He also doesn't condone trying to eat MMO's.

Mistake number one with preparing hobo stew was not being able to agree on how it was cooked. Do you put your stuff in foil, or do you use a giant cooking pot? We argued for sometime calling each other names, and one person who suggested "foil in a cooking pot" got clean up duty. You've heard the term "Too many chefs spoil the soup" and it's completely true. If your development team can't agree on the direction your MMO is going, your players might feel there is no goal, or the game is too shallow. Too many fluffy features, with bells and whisltes, only wow your player for so long, before they are looking for meat. You can notice these fluff features, by the ubercore players pointing out how useless they are within days of their implemenation.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016