Stratics Talks Crafting and PvP With the Devs

Stratics recently had a chance to ask the Devs for EQ2 some questions. These questions focus on crafting and pvp...

Recently, we had an opportunity to ask some very specific questions of the Developers on things related to PvP and Crafting. We took this opportunity to get "down and dirty" on some topics that have been buzzed about in the community, and frankly, I'm rather pleased with the responses! There is more insight to some of the things we as players perceive as issues, while the Developers see them as game-play effects and logical conclusions to an action.

On hand to provide responses:

Ben "Beghn" Skelly, Tradeskills Designer
Chris "Archonix" Junior, PvP Designer
Chris "Aeralik" Kozak, Gameplay Programmer
Jason "Dymus" Roberts, Lead Designer
Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder, Community Manager

The questions and responses regarding PvP and Crafting... interesting combination, I know.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016