Ten Ton Hammer was recently invited to tour the brand new Game Update #52 content and we couldn't pass that up! EQ2 Community Manager, Christie "Kiara" Renzetti took a group of press into the Breaching the Void instance and the Emperor's Athenaeum and we are sharing the highlights with you!

Along with the usual chatter about the latest update, Kiara also shared some great info regarding the next expansion that you will definitely want to know!

The first area, called the The Expanse of Bone is wide open and nicely packed with mobs including a couple of named fellows. Watch your step carefully though because in addition to the nasty creatures that roam around there are also traps that will cause you a decent amount of damage if you stumble into them! Kiara notes that you’ll want to avoid the named, Jennre Warsinger, until you’ve cleared the area otherwise he’ll bring the room with him and from the looks of things, that is sound advice.

Read all about the full tour here on Ten Ton Hammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016