Presenting the New and Improved Antonica Guide

Good ole Antonica! Whether you are new to the game and need a little bit of guidance, or you have rolled alt #46892386 and need a refresher course, this great guide (originally written by Ethec) has gotten some updating to keep up with the times.

Ah, Antonica. A Qeynos citizen's first taste of big-time adventuring, though there's plenty for the far-traveling Freeport citizen to do here as well. A region of the Shattered Lands relatively unscathed by the fractile moon, though that didn't stop the gnolls in the surrounding area from besieging Qeynos in the aftermath. The gnolls have a cavernous stronghold not far from Qeynos' North Gates along the Antonican Road, though their expansive lair, Blackburrow is found in the far sou'-mideast. At night, the Timberclaw gnolls vie for Archer's Woods adjacent to the Claymore Monument; which itself is watched over by a defensive line of watchtowers. Farther southwest is a lighthouse, whose vigilance safeguards ships rounding Coldwind Point.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016