D'Vinnian Throne Room Zone Guide

Instanced zones have become a staple for the adventuring group. They are jam packed with mob slaying fun, and plenty of named and The D'Vinnian Throne Room is no exception! If you are a 30-something adventurer then I encourage you to grab this guide, a good group and make your way to this very cool zone!

Speak with the lovely dark elf, Lady Elizara, in the entrance, who will mock you and tell you that you're going to die, the usual dark elf diatribe. Once you are finished with her, she summons two mobs that will immediately attack you. At this point, you can either clear everything within your grasp, or do things the quick and easy way! I can't kill the mobs for you, but I can tell you the needed steps to make your way through this zone, and that's what you will find in this guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016