Player on player violence: good, clean fun? We think so.

They say its all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. In this case, its not really fun and games until somebody is laying face down in Antonica with you laughing while you loot their corpse. Aren't sure what the newly-added PvP server is like in EverQuest 2? RadarX shares his experiences and examines what differentiates this from the normal servers.

After completing a few mundane tasks, I made my way to the Graveyard to gain a few levels. Of course too terrified to even peak out into the Commonlands, I had yet to see an enemy player, and was wrapping up a lengthy dialogue with a quest NPC. All of a sudden, time slowed down and my spider sense begin to warn me of impending danger. I leapt into action ready to unleash my skill....bah who am I kidding? I never even saw the guy coming. I was down on the ground in about a half second and didn't even have the heart to look at my parser. Ganked already by level 7!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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