Do0d! What R U talking about?!?!?

We've all seen the words. Some of us use them in game, but the cryptic language of PvP for the uninitiated is like calling Dell Technical support. You probably aren't going to understand a word they are saying. The Everquest 2 TenTonHammer staff put together a few of our favorite PvP terms you'll see and what they us.

Pwned: When one is pwned, they've been owned. When one is owned, they have just been beat down, ridiculed, or made to look plain silly in one form or another. One of the best forms of being pwned is the "bigger fish" instance.

Poor Shmitty is running around the outside of the Commonland gates trying to level his toon so he can kill bigger animals to feed his poor family. Harculeez the more experienced, egotistical, half-elf swashbuckler swoops in and impales Shmitty upon his rapier. Harculeez points and laughs at Shmitty's corpse then does a jig on his face. Kruunk, 8 levels higher than Harculeez, walks up behind the cocky half-elf and grinds him into the ground something fierce. Harculeez just got pwned. OH and feel free to add a 3 to pwn3d to look extra 1337.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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