After the sudden ousting of the previous producer, the newly named EverQuest II producer, Dave Georgeson, hasn't had a lot of time to make his introduction to the community. Calthine over at Zam did manage to snag a bit of his free time though and she got many answers that players have been looking for since the changing of the guards on the dev team. They talked a bit about Dave's experience, his plans for EQ2, and why or why not micro-transactions will eventually become a part of the game's business model.

ZAM: So you've got this phenomenally diverse background: what are you bringing to EverQuest II?

Dave: The good news is that the team has a lot of very well established high quality talent on it already, so they don't need me to come in and start generating lore ideas and ideas for quests and that sort of thing. What they really want me to do is, first of all, keep the team so it's happy so we keep making great stuff. You know how it is in the industry, morale is everything; if morale isn't high then you're not making a good game.

This is a great interview and while the new producer is still clearly working on getting his footing, he does share what he can. Be sure to stop on by Zam and give it a read and let us know what you think. Will the new producer carry on the legacy of the SOE veteran Brenlo or will Dave bring in his own ideas and his own flair to drive the game into a new direction? Share your thoughts by clicking the "Post your comments" link below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016