Live Update News

Live Update 24 brought some big changes, but one of the nice features, that didn't change your stuns, was the revamp of some content in the Commonlands. Join RadarX as he braves this new territory and looks at a what is different.

What do I look at first? I glanced at the patch notes, scoffed because I don't need no stinkin' patch notes, and ran in a random direction. As I made my way west from the Freeport gates I came across a severed arm with a piece of tattered uniform. Did it say "Orkin?" As a shadow was cast over me, I wheeled around to meet one of the Commonlands new residents. A beetle. There is apparently a bug infestation now that no mere can of Raid can handle. This thing was about the size of a bus, and it had friends. Normally I'm ridiculed enough for playing a dwarf, now even as a Dark Elf I feel short. *sob*

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016