SOE Community Summit: A Story of Communication

The SOE Community Summit has come and gone, and it provided a unique experience, for those of us fortunate enough to go, that we'll never forget it. Who was in attendance, and what was discussed? You'll have to read inside to find out.

SOE Summits normally bring ideas of numerous players and media, sitting in a room complaining about what isn't working, and suggesting what would. The SOE Summit we attended, was nothing like anything I've ever seen and addressed no game issues. A little baffled? So was I. Alan Crosby (Brenlo) explained SOE had brought together a number of folks for the purpose of discussing how SOE is doing with it's communications and supporting fan sites. What was unique about this summit was, not only was SWG represented (which was a first to my knowledge), but in addition to
the normal representatives from fansites/bloggers/podcasters, some very unhappy players were in attendance.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016