The EQ2 Official Forums are THE place to be if you are an EQ2 fan, but there is just so much going on! Afraid you might miss out on something? Never fear! SOE has your back with the Treasure Chest. This feature highlights great forum finds and brings them right to you.

If you're new to the game (or in our trial) you may find this information on chatting and inventory overflow helpful!

Looking for a little clarification on Need/Greed looting and the /Random command? This should help out.

Forum "Sticky" Spotlight: If you're looking to gain some levels, check out the Location XP - 1077 Spots Listed thread and see if you've found all the hot spots in Norrath.

Give it a read and feel just that more informed with the EQ2 Treasure Chest!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016