EverQuest Online Adventures is preparing to wear a body-bag in Europe. The following letter was sent out to European customers.

"As of May 15, 2006, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) will suspend commercial services of EverQuest Online Adventures (EQOA) in Europe. However, SOE will continue to operate the service and players will still be able to play the European version of EQOA through July 31, 2006 at no additional charge to all players in good standing on May 15, 2006. We are planning to reimburse the appropriate excess subscription payment that has been prepaid for the service after May 15, 2006 as follows. If you feel you have a refund due to you, please read this email carefully and take the required steps in order to receive your reimbursement. If you wish to cancel your account immediately and receive a refund for the unused balance of prepaid subscription time for your account, in addition to the steps below please notify your customer service representative that you wish for your subscription to end immediately and you would like to receive the appropriate refund."

You can read entire article on the Official Site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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