EVE just got a whole hell of a lot cooler.

Earlier this year at GDC 2007, Ten Ton Hammer managed to snag some video footage of a top secret EVE Online project currently in development. They called it "ambulation," showed us some gorgeous shots of in-game avatars walking around a space-ship, and then clamped down tighter than a clam on a pearl. Since then, there's been almost no information on the mystery project anywhere on the web, other than a few general details. All of that is about to change with this Ten Ton Hammer exclusive interview.

When I sat down with CCP representatives Valerie Massey (PR and Communications Director) and Noah Ward (Lead Game Designer for EVE Online) at PAX this Sunday, I wasn't even quite sure what I was going to talk to them about. I'm not really our resident EVE expert and I hadn't seen any big announcements from CCP lately, plus it was my last interview at the convention and I was exhausted from the long weekend of work. Since I didn't really have a topic in mind, I asked them if there was anything they'd like to talk about. Noah grinned at me and said four magic words: "Sure. How about ambulation?"

Read the whole feature right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016