November is the month of virtual hanging chads.

CCP has announced the results of EVE Online's First Council of Stellar Management and the plans for the second CSM. While agreeing that the first CSM did in fact have some effects, the real goal of putting forth the structure has been completed. With this in mind, it is now time for the second CSM:

We feel that the first CSM was a success and have every reason to believe that the following CSMs will be successful - and that is to a large extent due to the hard work of the first CSM's that makes it possible. Soon it will be the time to elect the second council and having the first CSM as pave the road can only ensure success.

There have been made changes to the CSM function as such, in the spirit of iterative development process. The changes are that it has been made clear that the chairman is eligible for chair-position again should he decide to step down as such and have the CSM vote a new one; 25% of actual voters are required to force a topic up to the CSM; the biggest change is the 21 year age limit to be a valid candidate.

* Here is furthermore the time schedule for the next CSM cycle, for those who are interested in running.
* September, 26th. Opening for candidacy runs for the second CSM.
* October, 10th. Closing of the candidacy run for the second CSM.
* November, 7th. The voting process for the second CSM is started and is open for 2 weeks.
* November, 21st. The voting process for the second CSM is finished.
* November, 24th. A permanent announcement made about the results of the second CSM elections. Six months to the date since the first CSM met online for the first time.
* November, 29th. Saturday. The second CSM meets online for the first time.

For those of you all pumped up from watching the U.S. national election, now you have your chance to try your hand at global (and dare I say interstellar) politics. Good luck to those running and we look forward to a nice clean campaign. For more information, go to My-EVE for more information.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016