Sometimes it may not be great to be king or at least his right hand man.

EVE Online Chronicles has provided another story for us to gleen more insight into the great war. The continuing saga of the removal of the Caldari elite by Tibus Heth and his regime brings us a story of his Chief Operating Officer. Spend a few minutes gazing from the eyes of Janus Bravour, and find out what he is thinking:

“The room in front of me is vast. It belonged to a high-powered Caldari executive who, like most of his ilk, was on the wrong side of the revolution. I would have preferred a smaller room. A room this size means you can't see everything around you, can't contain all the events occurring within its space. This is important. When you're a member of the Caldari State leadership, you need to contain all events within its space, lest they spiral out of control.”

Enjoy these insights as they may be Janus' last. Read the latest EVE Online Chronicle, A World Where No Such Road Will Run.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016