EVE Chronicles: And to Live in Peace.

The stories of EVE Online's Chronicles continue to providing engrossing tales from the field. This episode a decorated war general and reviled enemy (all in one guy) is trying to live his later years as an old guy out in the sticks not bothering anyone. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando though, the bad guys always come looking because they never forgive. The Gallenteans are back and they are not planning on being too kind to the old Caldari general. In the story we follow Arek and Klar who are hot on the trail of the war general and are tasked with bringing him back alive which is against everyone's wishes. The action begins:

"Arek nodded to Klar, who pulled out a multiburst grenade. The house was on two floors and Klar had hotly argued his ability to accurately toss in a grenade on the second story, but had been voted down by Arek, who claimed to be allergic to having grenades bounce off windowsills and fall on his head.

Arek pulled out his own grenade. He nodded to Klar, clicked it and tossed through the closed window. The sound of the breaking glass pierced the summer day and was echoed from the other farms, where the other agents were doing the same. The two operatives shut their eyes tight. There was a muffled noise and the air was filled with fractured light like a kaleidoscope come to life, so bright that it filtered even through their eyelids. Arek heard Klar mutter, "... nine, ten," and break the glass as he tossed in the other multiburst. It went off, and the second wave of fractured light made Arek nauseous."

Find out what happens next at EVE Online: Chronicles.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016