Have things seemed a bit too quite in EVE Online of late? Does it feel like there's not enough incentive to drive those conflicts and ignite more wars for territory? CCP hopes to change that in a future update according to a recent dev blog. In the latest blog, CCP Greyscale details plans to upgrade the sov system, which will spawn better cosmic anomalies in lower truesec space, leading to more conflict to earn better territory.

The initial implementation of the system has achieved its goal of making more space useful, but it's also given little incentive to push for new ground once you've established a territory. With any luck, these changes will change all that.

While it's been successful in making more space more useful, it's also become a damper on conflict in nullsec. With everywhere being essentially the same in terms of the value of key resources, once you've got yourself established in one patch of space there's little incentive to move elsewhere, because there's nowhere "better" to go. This is resulting in fewer drivers for conflict, both in terms of wars of conquest and also in terms of intra-coalition power struggles.

You can read the full rundown of changes in CCP Greyscale's dev blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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