CCP has revealed future plans for the evolution of EVE Gate for EVE Online. In a new dev blog, CCP Priya details the plans to evolve EVE Gate with the upcoming Incursion expansion and beyond. The crew plans to streamline organization by allowing players to group their contacts into categories, making the organization of friends, foes and people you just want to make suffer a lot easier to find.

Localization for German and Russian players is on the way, so players from those regions will also be able to use EVE Gate. A new text editor is also being added along with an increased contact limit and the integration of Vivox, which will introduce EVE Voice, a voice chat system that will allow you to talk with friends without having to load up the EVE client.

We've been partnering with Vivox, which brings us EVE Voice, to create a first iteration of accessing EVE Voice through EVE Gate. This allows you to both listen and speak to your friends on the go, without having to load up a full EVE Client. Just  open EVE Gate, and you're all set!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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