The good people at CCP are doing their part to combat server side lag which is very good news for the ever growing playerbase of EVE Online! This means that we will have to suffer a little extended downtime, but the benefits should be well worth it! CCP posted this announcement today regarding server downtime:

On Wednesday, 18th February, there will be an six hour downtime on Tranquility for database hardware upgrades starting at 06:00 GMT and lasting until 12:00 GMT. Specifically, we will be putting the finishing touches on our new 2TB RamSan 500, which has joined our existing two RamSan 400 powering the EVE database cluster. The downtime will also affect the Support section, EVE API, MyEVE, Secure, Forums, Bug reporting and Account Services which will be down for the duration.

Following Wednesday, the entirety of the EVE database will be running on RamSan technology which is part of our goal to reduce downtime durations and ensure that EVE continues to remain free from database lag! Look out for a Dev Blog next week with all the juicy details on the upgrade.

Read more about our hardware upgrades in CCP Mindstar's newest dev blog.

For those that have trouble converting GMT, that is about 11AM to 5PM EST. For more information on the hardware upgrade check out this EVE Online blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016