You've read that right folks. The developers over at CCP have just announced that they're going to be bringing skill queues into EVE Online. While the system doesn't allow people to train years worth of skills without ever logging into the world, it does allow players to set up skills within a 24 hour window. Here's the official word:

The skill training system we came up with allows you to queue skills that will start training in the next 24 hours. You can enter in up to 50 skills in a queue, as long as they all start training within 24 hours. This leaves room to start a skill that will take 6 hours, followed with one that takes 12 to complete. With only 18 hours of training prepared, the queue still has room to start another skill.

If you train a skill the old fashioned way (by activating a skill as you do now without the queue window) it will still be listed in the queue as the top skill; the skill you are training now. If you don´t add a follow-up skill then you´d have to come back when that skill is finished. You can still start training skills from your normal character sheet without entering the queue.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016