It's no secret that the EVE Online Planetary Interaction feature that was introduced with the Tyrannis expansion hasn't been the most rejoiced piece of CCP's work. The Mittani even digs into the feature more in his Sins of a Solar Spymaster series, but changes are on the way for how Planetary Interaction works. In a recent dev blog, CCP Omen details some of the changes coming to the Planetary Interaction. While Planetary interaction will serve as the main connection between EVE Online and the upcoming shooter, Dust 514, CCP has noted that some improvements need to be made and some of those include: Upgradable Command Centers that allow players to increase and decrease the CPU/Power capabilities of their colony, revamping surveying, changes to the mobility of Extractors and more.

A lot of work lies ahead in guiding Planetary Interaction towards our ultimate design goal through staged releases and connecting it to CCP's upcoming game, DUST 514. As you may or may not have heard, Planetary Interaction will constitute the main intersection of these two games, something we refer to as the "DUST 514 link," bridging them into one even-more-massive EVE universe.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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