If you ever wanted to go and meet some EVE Online developers, you may have your chance in a few months. On Friday May 8th through Saturday May 9th, 2009, a number of CCP developers including Executive Producer Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson and Technical Producer Adalsteinn "ActiveAlli" Ottarsson, Technical Producer, will be heading out to the Land of Sin and Sweat (aka Las Vegas) to meet up with fans.

EveVegas will be bringing Senior Developers, Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson and Adalsteinn "ActiveAlli" Ottarsson, to Las Vegas, Nevada to talk about the future of Eve Online. We may even get some other guest appearances from developers past and present. Come meet these legends from Iceland and share in some food, drinks and fun while we get to hear about the past, present, and future of New Eden.

Interested? Head on over to the EVE Vegas official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016