The EVE Online servers are down for the patching and processing and upgrading to Apocrypha. The buzz is in the air. Hundreds of thousands of capsuleers are awaiting their just jump through a wormhole. But until then, we just have to wait. As of right now, it's about 14:00 GMT, which means there are about two more hours to wait until the servers come back up. Here's the official word:

Extended Downtime Tuesday 10th March: 03:00 to 16:00 GMT

Due to the new patching mechanic, build numbers and patching functionality may show previously unexpected build numbers and behaviour. This means there will be one large patch and additional patches, however, you may need to download more than one patch to get to the final build in order to connect to Tranquility. If this happens, don't panic. It is expected behaviour.

Patching from the old Classic client will claim to download a patch and install it. An installer will start and you have to accept the EULA before patching commences. The install will happen on a plain background which is not displaying any patch notes. This is expected behaviour.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016