CCP has been striving to improve the hardware and network in which EVE Online players use daily and as such there is a whole lot to be done! Have you ever wondered what exactly is involved in getting things to run smoothly. In this latest dev blog, Queeg500 explains the intricacies of getting the system up to par.

When I started working with Internet routing, coming from a rigid corporate environment, I was surprised how little control you have over your traffic and how flaky the Internet really is. I have read in books about all the bells and whistles of traffic engineering but I've never seen the real application until I met BGP and the Internet. As many of you know, the Internet started out as few universities talking to each other. BGP (Border Gateway protocol) is the main building block of the Internet. The Internet is built up by BGP speaking peers (routers). Each origin (like CCP) has a network slice and we announce our network to our neighbors and hope they announce them to other neighbors. We rely on our next hop (upstream) neighbors to accept our prefix and carry the traffic.

It's a lot of technical jargon and specific information but I actually learned quite a bit from this dev blog. It definitely makes one appreciate a smoothly running system! Give it a read yourself at the official EVE Online website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016