Now People Can Hear You Scream in Space....

As part of their GDC presentation, the developers at EVE Online announced that voice communication will be available by late March 2007. Many Eve players rely on quick combat communications, and the integration of voice chat will allow those players to reduce the time it takes to communicate. EVE Voice will be optional and only require a $10 fee for 12 months. Magnus Bergsson, chief marketing officer of the title, explained a bit about the voice capabilities:

We recently had a fleet battle with more than 1,000 players in one sector of the EVE universe. The amount of communication between those players in planning and executing these maneuvers is vast. Adding integrated voice will not just enhance gameplay by accelerating those plans and allowing players to react quickly as situations unfold in-game, but it will give combat pilots a strategic advantage.

Read the official release below! Players can access the updated client software here:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016