You're playing the expansion, now read about the novel!

Remember the days when games came boxed with a month's worth of background reading? Though it was one of the early and more lamentable victims of online distribution, CCP has recaptured some of the spirit of the olden days by releasing the latest EVE Online expansion hand-in-hand with a novel of the same name. Tony Gonzales, author of _EVE: The Empyrean Age_ and lead writer for EVE Online, talks with us aboutthe process of writing a novel and writing for an expansion at the same time, plus offers hints about what we'll read when the novel hits retailers a week from today!

Tony Gonzales: The story had to be accessible to everyone, not just EVE players. We want to entice the broader science fiction audience to our universe... My personal goal was to make it appeal to readers outside the science fiction genre as well. We created a space opera, the foundation of which will always be the human story, and that’s a story that never gets old. I just hope I told it the right way."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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