SOE announced today the beginning of a "recruit a friend" program aimed at bolstering the population of Norrath. Bringing someone on board will net you free game time and a number of cool in game benefits as well. Check out the press release for more details:

Recruit-A-Friend Features:

· One Month Free Game Play: Players can redeem one month of free EQII gameplay, when their friend converts to a paying subscription. That means if you bring 25 friends into EQII as subscribers, you can get up to 25 months free gameplay. So start sending out your invites!

· Extra Bonuses for Joining Friends In-Game: Group with your invited friend(s) and receive a 3x XP bonus increase during that adventuring experience. And, by mentoring an invited friend, your friend receives an additional 10% bonus to their adventuring experience.

· Exclusive In-Game Mounts: Choose from one of two mounts the Saryrn Deathcharger or Armored Pinto, to use in-game per each new account invitee who converts to a paying subscription. If you use these mounts in-game while mentoring your invited friend you will also receive additional bonus 10% XP bonus.

· Free Legends of NorrathTM Booster Packs: Receive two Legends of Norrath Oathbreaker booster packs for the first new account invitee who converts to a paying subscriber within 30 days of the conclusion of that friend's trial period.

Find more details over at the official site and learn more.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016