EverQuest 2 Interviews: The ones you DON'T want to see

This week at EQ2.TenTonHammer we bring you a blooper reel from interviews that didn't quite make it. Where else can you see prostitution, a Kuato, and a the Fairy Illuision bug discussed in ONE story? Only here...for some reason....at Ten Ton Hammer!

A large Kerran in a plush robe sits in an extremely comfortable looking chair as he smiles into the camera. Behind him a large white screen displays a large number “3” as the cat man nods and greets the camera.

“Hello friends, and thank you for joining us once again.” The Kerran smiles as he folds his hands in his lap. “As you know, not every interview comes out as perfectly as you’ve seen on television. Behind the scenes everything that can, will, and does go wrong.” He grins as he motions to the screen behind him.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016